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Cary Grant: The Leading Man

Cary Grant was the very essence of a movie star – a man every woman loved and every man wanted to be. His deft comic style merged easily with his strength as a romantic leading man.Subscribe for more Hollywood biographies and stories! The actor’s suave exterior, however, concealed a complex and often sensitive individual. Cary’s painful journey from his lonely working-class beginnings to the peak of Hollywood royalty is made vivid through family photos, archival footage, clips from many of his films — including his first, following his discovery by blonde bombshell Mae West, starring role in She Done Him Wrong.Other movies include His Girl Friday, Notorious, An Affair To Remember, To Catch A Thief, North By Northwest, Charade, and more. Among friends and colleagues interviewed on-screen are Leslie Caron, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr, Deborah Kerr, Eva Marie Saint, Ralph Bellamy, Stanley Donen, Richard Brooks and Stanley Kramer. Narrated by Richard Kiley.. Cary Grant: The Leading Man

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