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Kpop English Fails

Some kpop songs have english lines that just don't make sense, or they make sense but they are pronounced very wrong. Lets enjoy this glorious moment of nonsense XD I tried to get as many songs as i could, i apologize if i missed any big disaster lol Please note that some of the subs are NOT the actual lyrics!! Enjoy ^^ Blog: Twitter: Instagram @lovekpopsubsDon't forget to rate, leave a comment & Subscribe :)NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED

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  • #1
  • 16 июня 2017 22:52
  • Автор: chezinat
4:58Is that where Rebecca Black stole her Friday lyrics from??
  • #2
  • 22 июня 2017 19:56
  • Автор: anela
5:47 LMAO SIMON !!!!?
  • #3
  • 29 июня 2017 03:12
  • Автор: megagirl
First, when my friend showed this video to me, i had to laugh all daynow, i'm a kpop lover and sing all songs along xD?
  • #4
  • 23 июля 2017 17:52
  • Автор: mee
Watch it now because it's very funny! ( and if you already seen it, oh well!) ?????
  • #5
  • 28 июля 2017 07:50
  • Автор: anoon
"Don't deny my r squared pi"?
  • #6
  • 8 августа 2017 18:56
  • Автор: kyuhyun4
  • #7
  • 10 августа 2017 12:36
  • Автор: viviana
"Ulf, loof, next revel" had me dying. Lol?
  • #8
  • 15 августа 2017 19:11
  • Автор: san
wow Rain's song was a lil bit dirty lmao - "I'm a bout to change positions, come and take my magic stick. Gonna take you for a ride Guaranteed to make your body shake".If it's guaranteed who could say no lmaoSome of the songs you just gotta listen and you will hear the right words but if you've not listened to K-Pop before you would be like "WFT was did they just say?" ah I love the miss pronunciations it's so cute :)?
  • #9
  • 23 сентября 2017 07:08
  • Автор: jaz
i don't think there's anything wrong with seungri's "mama just let me be your lover" cause i think mama in korean means your highness or your majesy..?
  • #10
  • 29 сентября 2017 11:06
  • Автор: jaz
the " I really wanna touch myself" one cracks me up everytime LOL?
  • #11
  • 14 октября 2017 13:51
  • Автор: chan
That the loof is on fire tho xD?
  • #12
  • 1 ноября 2017 02:04
  • Автор: melo
Lol that's funny but to be honest .. they at least trying to speak many languages for their fans ,, they speak another languages to make us feel close to them ..They trying to speak English and Japanese and also Chinese.. and sometimes they speak a little arabic words .. Have you ever heard about that American singer trying to speak some of asian language for his asian fans, or make another version to his song by another language ? noHave you ever heard that Japanese singer trying to speak korean language for his korean fans or make another version to his songs by another language ? noI mean it's too hard to speak another language special to asian people .. but still.. they trying so hard to make us happy .. even though that many bands of them have no time to study english but they trying their best .Even though their English is so bad but still respect it .. and I don't even care about thier mistakes .. Hope you understand what i said ... because I also have a bad English ~ :) ~?
  • #13
  • 23 ноября 2017 05:28
  • Автор: lydia
You should've put in the "Show we gonna make it rookie's time, race is exciting" that Ravi says it kills me every time lol?
  • #14
  • 4 декабря 2017 08:16
  • Автор: kille
He HEY i'm pretty sure that they sing right! I heard " I lost my mind" not lost my pant!!!?