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11 Dumbest Kickstarter FAILS!

We countdown the top 11 DUMBEST Kickstarter projects so far. Everything from helping someone make Potato Salad to a Brony dating simulator... yeah.Potato Salad Kickstarter - Heavens Game - Cybermatrix 100 u01 Crazy TV YouTube Channel Kickstarter Some BS MMO from a far Millionaire

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  • #1
  • 23 августа 2017 17:50
  • Автор: anton
  • #2
  • 29 августа 2017 15:09
  • Автор: doctorla
The Brony dating sim thing would get shut down so fast. There's no way Hasbro would just let somebody do that. That being said, if it looked remotely promising, bronies would fund that shit to the moon. That's not a knock either, the community is just really into fangames based on the show and stuff.?
  • #3
  • 30 августа 2017 23:10
  • Автор: doctorla
Am I the only one that thinks Anne Frankenstein sounds really cool, like in a ridiculous, over the top way??
  • #4
  • 20 сентября 2017 15:50
  • Автор: fermin
  • #5
  • 22 сентября 2017 18:53
  • Автор: salozmen
How the hell didn't they mention video games like Bloodstained, Mighty No. 9, or Yooka-Laylee on here? Way to do your research guys.?
  • #6
  • 3 октября 2017 05:37
  • Автор: claymore
I think I slightly understand the heaven board game video. I think the sheep thing is meant to represent non christians who don't know about heaven or something...?
  • #7
  • 26 ноября 2017 17:29
  • Автор: glitzbou
I think ill start a Kickstarter but instead of money people will donate Candy for my Candy Jar?
  • #8
  • 26 ноября 2017 18:24
  • Автор: jordan
People are retarded for giving their money to these people.?
  • #9
  • 4 декабря 2017 21:06
  • Автор: hour
That brony dating sim could've worked, if Bronies had the capacity for love. Everyone knows they only care about friendship.?
  • #10
  • 27 декабря 2017 10:43
  • Автор: tha
best cross over i will get nintendo's and capcom's attention by creating a pokemonster hunter idea kickstarter, if it becomes real i will keep 10% of the profit and a free copy of it, if it fails i will donate money to many charaties, and go to gamestop and buy games for myself and everyone there, depending on how much i make?
  • #11
  • 17 января 2018 15:43
  • Автор: symbioti
Meme trading cards sounds dank. And brony dating is where it's at. Ayyy.?
  • #12
  • 20 января 2018 11:37
  • Автор: jorda
i'il put a pony photo to make rage in anti-bronies jajajaj?
  • #13
  • 22 января 2018 15:20
  • Автор: skul
Spoiler alert the dracula untold story sucked?
  • #14
  • 18 февраля 2018 16:56
  • Автор: deadspac
I'm gonna start two kickstarters. One called genocide on the bronies. The other called bronies mind controll device allowing bronies to controll others mind.?
  • #15
  • 2 марта 2018 22:24
  • Автор: rootemto
The meme trading card game will be the new religion?
  • #16
  • 4 марта 2018 18:17
  • Автор: casual
When i was reading these comments i feel like i throw my fucking life out of window like people please there is 4 seccond thing of "brony dating sim" everyone looses their shit but then there is really creepy topic of man whit sheep head wanting board game based on heaven and everyone thinks "it`s totally normal" so thanks for this amazing IQ loss i have right now.?
  • #17
  • 10 марта 2018 09:26
  • Автор: frostgir
my kick starter would be to donate to all animal shelters to help them with costs of food , water, medical supplies, heat , fans, kennels, lights, and gas?
  • #18
  • 13 апреля 2018 05:20
  • Автор: tycho
whats a brownie??
  • #19
  • 29 апреля 2018 11:53
  • Автор: darius
You know what, I've fucking had enough! I have the fucking right to click on a video, and not endure a ton of criticism and hatred all because of a show i like. Are you bitches retarded? Do you blame us for your problems because your to much of a goddamn baby to face them yourself? Its scumbags like you that i hope to see fail in life if you weren't enough of a waste of skin already. You call us names, criticize us at every corner, SOME OF YOU EVEN WANT TO ENSLAVE AND KILL US!!! (a bit fucking much?!) You scum are significantly worse than how you claim us to be. Just look at yourself, are you happy with yourself? I mean, while your at it, hate me cause I'm black, it practically feels the exact same way. Your more of a cancer than us, and the cure is for you to learn to stop being a bitch, and work things out in your life without blaming others!!?
  • #20
  • 22 мая 2018 23:49
  • Автор: urazaki
now I understand the potato salad the Geoffrey Lazer Ramsey was talking about sorry if i misspelled anything?
  • #21
  • 27 мая 2018 00:39
  • Автор: joel
Well, I don't think the camera clip thingy is dumb, because sometimes people can see what you're doing. but the price was really high for it. I think everything else is dumb, though.?
  • #22
  • 5 июня 2018 00:51
  • Автор: zebageba
Who are these chumps??
  • #23
  • 10 июня 2018 10:13
  • Автор: shadow60
I would start a kickstarter (if I had the talent for it) to make a JRPG style game with a stamina and death mechanic, what do I mean? well you see these games like final fantasy ect and your guy get's hit by a monster the size of a truck and takes the hit, I would go for a stamina system where your character dodges the opponent until your out of stamina (or as I like to call it a sensible health bar) at which point you have a three strike and your out count...for good, this can be recovered but your character at the time would suffer from torn clothes/equipment and permanent scarring, plus it would be bloody as all heck, of course I would aim for cool death animations for the final strike, this would be for characters and enemies and the battles would look different based on human and monster based battle, critical hit's would be a special stun affect which leaves your character (or the enemy) vulnerable to vital hit's taking one of your count's but there would be a sacrifice system which would allow for your other characters to defend their friend at a cost of their stamina or possibly one of their three vital point's, heck probably already been done somewhere but that would be my basis for the game, nevermind the rest of my ideas lol dood XD?
  • #24
  • 10 июня 2018 13:47
  • Автор: qadri
Hahah when he said the thing about a band recording..I'm pretty sure he was thinking about From First To Last as it was on his shirt ?????