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Best Stripper and Pole Dancing Fails Compilation || FailArmy

Taking your clothes off and getting down is fun, just ask these guys. This week we have some of the best stripper fails the internet has to offer in an epic stripper and bad dancer fail compilation. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and Salute!Check out our second channel FailArmy U: Click to SUBSCRIBE for more awesome Fails! ? Submit a Video ? Click to get Fail Army Gear! ? Like us on Facebook! ? Follow us on Twitter! ? Instagram? Tumblr? Pinterest? FailArmy is the worldwide leader in funny fail videos and compilations. FailArmy releases “fails of the week,” funny pranks, girls fails and compilations featuring all of the web's best fails. Join the global FailArmy Nation. Leave a comment on any fail video and start meeting your fellow FailArmy soldiers. Subscribe to the FailArmy YouTube channel for the ultimate fail videos!

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  • #1
  • 24 августа 2017 21:22
  • Автор: tw-l-ght
My friend tried sliding off the pole and he fell on his head! He was cursing like crazy! XD?
  • #2
  • 1 сентября 2017 14:36
  • Автор: claudia
The fuk the.two guys with the hocky sticks make barph?
  • #3
  • 4 сентября 2017 23:06
  • Автор: bokkey45
My dick was getting so confused while watching this?
  • #4
  • 12 сентября 2017 17:20
  • Автор: runcarsn
0:33 dude looks like messi?
  • #5
  • 8 октября 2017 15:42
  • Автор: sidney
fat ppl on a pole arent fail..its just not hot...dumb video?
  • #6
  • 13 октября 2017 05:49
  • Автор: courtney
I have been having a crappy night....this this was amazing thank you lol?
  • #7
  • 14 октября 2017 23:48
  • Автор: ffjsb
Anybody who would waste money on a stripper is a fool. Looks like good exercise if you don't breaks your neck....?