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Holiday Club- Jim and the Povolos (lyrics in description)

I DON'T OWN ANYTHINGALL RIGHTS GO TO JIM AND THE POVOLOSfrom The Holiday Club EP by Jim and the PovolosLyrics:I can't remember whenI truly felt my life beginSo much has changedI've become a stranger againYou are my life right now andI can't remember howI ever did it without youI'll be thinking about you todayToday, today, todaySuddenly you're thereEverything we shareWe play with each other's hairThis can't really be fairKnowing you're nearbyKeeping our feet drySharing a pizza pieDon't even need to try.No hesitationsNeed no occasionLook how much we have doneI'm feeling silly nowThinking how I could ever doubtWe'd be togetherI'll be here whenever you sayI'll bring the DVDsYou bring those chunks of cheeseMaybe we'll danceJust give it a chanceLet's playPlay, play, playLaughing til we screamBetter than it seemsBetter than any dreamYou know how much you meanThen when the day endsAnd if the time lendsI only want to spendTime with these friendsNo reservationsPure liberationLook how much we have doneYou better meet me at the Holiday Club tonight(repeat). Holiday Club- Jim and the Povolos (lyrics in description)

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