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Ford Mustang Crash And Fail Compilation

In this video you will find all the best Mustang crashes you can find anywhere else, there was so much footage it took 20 minutes to get it all in one video! I hope you all enjoy the video and dont forget to look at my Channel to see the other compilations! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE!

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  • #1
  • 22 января 2018 01:33
  • Автор: colin
the guys girlfriend is so pissed at 5:30. he is going to be in the dog house for weeks lmao?
  • #2
  • 30 января 2018 01:06
  • Автор: pedjo
C'mon....some people says that Mustang is a performance car loool..... not even in a video games!?
  • #3
  • 3 февраля 2018 23:44
  • Автор: chris
these people need to learn how burn out or go back to driving big wheels?
  • #4
  • 10 февраля 2018 11:07
  • Автор: ishma
fuck them fuck ther show?
  • #5
  • 13 февраля 2018 12:18
  • Автор: mrshamuc
This is inexperienced drivers building up their cars and don't know what to do but slam on the brakes. Stick to a Cavalier or Sunfire?
  • #6
  • 10 марта 2018 20:43
  • Автор: richard
So much hate on one link its not funny. Fuck camaro, fuck challenger l. There all slow, I guess I would dedicat a video of people crashing if my ride sucked as well. Ford = Legacy. Imataters follow suite, at least my ride is celebrating its 50th anniversary haha go eat a dick and burn your braws ladies the Mustang is the Standard. ?
  • #7
  • 23 марта 2018 02:09
  • Автор: eden
So what we've learned. Mustangs don't have the best traction in the world and they probably shouldn't be used in races lol. Beautiful to look at, horrible for racing. P.S. I'm not a car enthusiast, but I do own a '98 Mustang and have had a few experiences of my own in this car judging from my experiences with the video.?
  • #8
  • 26 марта 2018 12:35
  • Автор: joe
  • #9
  • 27 марта 2018 04:28
  • Автор: marooned
Some people are just dumb, they go and buy these cars and then try to show off in them. Stupidity at its finest!?
  • #10
  • 27 марта 2018 14:08
  • Автор: vulcherh
Race course in a parking lot full of trees, what could possibly go wrong??
  • #11
  • 31 марта 2018 02:29
  • Автор: vulcherh
Countersteer doesn't work in Mustangs, because they are poorly designed.?
  • #12
  • 1 апреля 2018 04:06
  • Автор: sodiumre
@9:41"What are you a ricer now? What's going on, dude?" **SMASH**?
  • #13
  • 3 апреля 2018 14:26
  • Автор: david
the first clip is great! freaking ford drivers haha FAIL!!?
  • #14
  • 3 апреля 2018 17:50
  • Автор: vendeda0
13:37 DO A BARREL ROLE !!!?
  • #15
  • 8 апреля 2018 13:05
  • Автор: breaking
Mustang drivers are fucking retarded lmao.?
  • #16
  • 10 апреля 2018 11:06
  • Автор: skirmich
Its amazing the Mustang is able to crash outside a Corner...?
  • #17
  • 16 апреля 2018 20:29
  • Автор: ohmrzack
Anyone who puts; chrome taillights, spoilers, low rider rims, flame decals, ram hoods and bodykits on a mustang should be sent to prison for giving society eye cancer. ?
  • #18
  • 17 апреля 2018 04:35
  • Автор: 89kele
As a guy who plans on getting a mustang in a few years, one thing I've noticed from YT vids is that the handling is shit. ?
  • #19
  • 17 апреля 2018 22:20
  • Автор: thenisga
I could easily draw a stereotype towards Americans & their cars, but the video speaks for itself so I won't ;~()?
  • #20
  • 24 апреля 2018 22:20
  • Автор: mike
Mustang!Keeping tow truck companies in business for over 50 years!?
  • #21
  • 4 мая 2018 04:03
  • Автор: gorechyl
This video makes me wonder if I'm the only guy who bought a Mustang simply because unlike many others, never had an issue with a Ford product. I've always wanted one since I was a kid, and I didn't buy the fucking thing to drive like a total asshole. Also, to all the people spewing hate on the V6, no one talked shit when they were fox bodies, so whats the difference now? If you NEED a V8 just to say you have it, THEN I'd be prone to say you're making up for a small dick.?
  • #22
  • 9 мая 2018 05:11
  • Автор: scott
13:13 absolute wrong steering wheel hand position and grip so thats what you get.?
  • #23
  • 18 мая 2018 23:25
  • Автор: killa
I see why there are very few mustangs 3years or older on the roads. FORD says up the production they are wrecking them faster than we can assemble them. No matter how fast they are Mustangs always handled like shit.?