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FailArmy Presents Nutcracker Fails | A Holiday Nutshot Compilation

Last year we asked for a year of epic fails and that is exactly what we got. Huge thank you to all the Soldiers in FailArmy Nation for your submissions, comment, shares and suggestions. Can't wait for an epic 2015. Salute, and have a happy holiday.Click to SUBSCRIBE for more awesome Fails! ? Submit a Video ? Click to get Fail Army Gear! ? Like us on Facebook! ? Follow us on Twitter! ? Instagram? Tumblr? Pinterest? FailArmy is the worldwide leader in funny fail videos and compilations. FailArmy releases “fails of the week,” funny pranks, girls fails and compilations featuring all of the web's best fails. Join the global FailArmy Nation. Leave a comment on any fail video and start meeting your fellow FailArmy soldiers. Subscribe to the FailArmy YouTube channel for the ultimate fail videos!

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  • #1
  • 6 октября 2017 09:29
  • Автор: javier
  • #2
  • 9 октября 2017 19:03
  • Автор: paquimex
this is so misogynistic, there's no women in these videos. This video is so sexist. (note sarcasm)?
  • #3
  • 14 октября 2017 14:46
  • Автор: awkwarde
The title reminds me of that one supernatural episode where Gabe put Sam and Dean on different television shows to get them to 'play their roles' ?
  • #4
  • 15 октября 2017 14:20
  • Автор: kagura
  • #5
  • 18 октября 2017 01:27
  • Автор: sword
some of those even hurt to watch?
  • #6
  • 18 октября 2017 07:21
  • Автор: speedypi
2:20 he doesn't need a skateboard to skate?