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FAIL VINES COMPILATION 2015 - ULTIMATE BEST VINES FAIL OF ALL TIME - EP 3FAIL VINES COMPILATION 2015 - ULTIMATE BEST VINES FAIL OF ALL TIME - EP 3-------------------------------------------------Don't forget to Subscribe to This channel for Funny Vines and Thug Life Compilation also funny GIFs with Sound compilation .Subscribe : -Twitter : -Google Plus : -Tumblr : -------------------------------------------------What Is Vine and How Useful Is It for Business?Vine was launched in January 2013 by the people who made Twitter. It's a free downloadable app which allows you to capture and share short looping videos. Videos can be up to six seconds long, using your thumb to start and stop recording. You don't need any special skills, such as editing, to put a video together. You can easily share your Vine videos with your Twitter followers and Facebook friends.How do I use Vine? Getting and using Vine is simple: 1. Download the Vine app from iTunes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, or from Google Play for Android devices 2. Create an account on Vine using your Twitter account or email address 3. Find people to follow by going to your settings and use the Find People option under Friends. 4. Connect your Facebook account to share videos on there (personal profiles only) 5. Click the video camera icon on your screen to start recording. Tap and hold your finger on the screen to record; release to stop recording 6. Once you've finished recording, press Continue to share your video on Vine, Twitter and Facebook.How can Vine work for business?Vine offers businesses a platform to capture short videos. If used correctly, Vine can be a creative source for free marketing which allows businesses and users to tap into their creativity. Show your products or services in action Invite your customers to see what you do. You can promote, educate and entertain all at the same time. I would personally prefer to see a six second demonstration of a product, than read a 500 word review. You could also generate a buzz by giving viewers sneak peeks of new projects. Educate your audience Create 'How To' videos with quick tips and tricks on a certain topic. You could use Vine to let audiences know about any upcoming events you're attending. It could also be used at an exhibition, inviting delegates to try to spot your logo (or whatever) in the video and they can be entered into a competition. Entertain your audience There are many examples of Vines which have a comedic element to them. No one really needs an excuse to be a bit silly. Go behind the scenes. Show people who and where you are Use video to introduce staff on a more personal level, quick tours around the office, etc. Record snippets of your day, then the audience will get a more personal view of the team's working lives. Engage with your audience and receive feedback where possible Encourage your audience to create their own Vines in response to your video, or about a specific topic which relates to your business. Promote yourself and your business Include shots of your company logo where possible. Don't forget to add a link to your website, so audiences can find out more information.If you decide that you'd like to give Vine a go, make sure you understand how it fits into your content strategy, to ensure any message is consistent with your brand. Other than that, be creative and have fun!-------------------------------------------------EMAIL : MRDAILYVINE@GMAIL.COM-------------------------------------------------

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  • 8 2017 02:33
  • : ivan
16:44 idk whats problem??
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  • 15 2017 12:16
  • : ivan
13:06 whoever thought that was funn you have an empty heart?
Why is the title called fail vine when most of the clips are longer than 6 seconds ?
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  • 30 2017 21:13
  • : artem
That lady who smacked the guys phone out of his hands into the water is a b. I would sue.?
Shh be quiet ginger...?
21:06 wtf?
I hate these vine videos because people don't care about the quality anymore and fill almost all of the screen with Boxes?
can anyone tell me whats the name of the songs at 1:15 please?
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  • 8 2017 09:12
  • : a
Huh? Rolly Polly??
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  • 8 2017 21:54
  • : meg
seeing something more than twice gets really annoying?
You guys are so stooped y would u post something of people getting hurt like the people in the vidio where so retarded?
5:49 i would have murdered that bitch she would have been thrown off that bridge?
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  • 28 2017 16:14
  • : lucia
7:36- 7:42 I heard this once?
"What did you get dude?I got a boner!" XXXXDDDDD?
7:18 "The Ice Crea"*Dies*?
Most of them were not funny they were sad?
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  • 10 2018 10:13
  • : tyler
shhhh be quiet ginger?
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  • 11 2018 06:19
  • : admin
9:13 "Youtube Hahaha" I'm Dead X)?
Can you send me your intro please ???And its very fun 1 like 1 follow?
What is up with the ending??
0:57 WHY DID YOU POST THIS !!!!??? They fucking died?
stop fucking showing something like fifteen FUCKING TIMES?
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  • 7 2018 09:45
  • : danda
2015??? Some of these are really really old. 2009 old?