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Dating Fails

Two Broken Girls are back to share their biggest dating fails!Get your LISBUG SHIRTS HERE: Don't forget to Subscribe! Get your Lisbug Bows! Snapchat! OfficialLisbugFollow Me on Twitter! Like me on Facebook! Read me on Tumblr! Instagram me! @lisbugonyoutubeThank you for watching, liking, commenting, and loving. I just adore you.

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  • #1
  • 29 июля 2017 03:05
  • Автор: robyn
This guy got my phone # ( I think from a friend of mine) & we met @ Bob's Big Boy. Then he started talking about devil worship & sacrificing animals. Check Please..!?
  • #2
  • 12 августа 2017 20:31
  • Автор: deathstr
show us your tits?